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Technical Specifications - updated 19 Jan 2009

Ondulation can be presented as an installation or a performance in a white gallery or a "black-box" theatre space. The pool can be constructed using modular stage risers and can be of various dimensions. Two sample formats are described below:

Large format (performance or installation):

10m x 6m (32'x20')

Ideal minimum clearances: 2m behind, 3m at the sides, 11m in front and 7m to lighting grid.

Small format (performance or installation):

8mx3.5m (26' x 11')

Clearances: 2m behind and at the sides, 9m in front and 4m to lighting grid.

The water in the pool (roughly 2500litres and 1100litres for the large and small pools respectively) is about 5cm deep and is coloured with a white, non-toxic dye.

All setups require a controlled audio-visual environment, a water source and drain, theatrical lighting, a front-projection screen or white wall surfaces, 4.1 surround sound system, a high ceiling with lighting grid or rigging points and a floor surface that is not over-sensitive to moisture. Raked seating for the audience is preferable. Setup time is approximately seven days depending on the size and version. All versions require shipping - precise crate dimensions and technical riders on request.

Please also see the Construction Time Lapse at the bottom of the documentation page.